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[software]ActivePen - http://www.activepen.com
This is a digital transparency based screen annotation tool integrated with a screen capture tool. It allows you to create annotations and mock-ups on your screen, and capture screens to a file or clipboard. You can paste the captured screen with the annotation to other applications such as e-mail or Office documents.
Keywords: ActivePen; System and utilities; Interface; System tray; Active Pen
Downloads: 159
[software]WinSwitch - http://www.marcoera.com/winswitch.htm
This utility displays a screen shot of every running program on your PC when you press the ALT+TAB keys. You can switch to another program by releasing the keys.
Keywords: WinSwitch; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; WinSwitch
Downloads: 32
[software]Changer XP - http://www.coolfilesearch.com/changerxp
This is an integrated tool to personalize your IE skin, desktop wallpaper, screen saver or boot screen. You can schedule screens to change automatically after a specified time period. Set intervals to minutes, hours or days. It supports thumbnail views, and image resampling with interpolation and averaging. Image dithering keeps the quality of the source image for your boot screen, desktop wallpaper or IE skin...
Keywords: Changer XP; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Changer XP
Downloads: 57
[software]Mahalosoft BionicSpider - http://www.mahalosoft.com/
This program allows you to group and hide any number of windows, and remove them from the task bar.
Keywords: Mahalosoft BionicSpider; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Mahalosoft BionicSpider
Downloads: 22
[software]WindowShade - http://www.edgebeyond.com/products/windowshade/
This program lets you hide windows that are obscuring your view by double-clicking the window title bar or pressing the Shift or Control key twice. The program can also make windows transparent.
Keywords: WindowShade; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; WindowShade
Downloads: 27
[software]WinSpeedUp - http://www.winspeedup.com
This application lets you tune and optimize the Windows environment. With WinSpeedUp's access to Windows' hidden system options, programs can start faster, unnecessary files can be deleted from your hard drive, Internet and LAN connections will be faster, the system start can be accelerated and your system will be more stable.
Keywords: WinSpeedUp; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; WinSpeedUp
Downloads: 38
[software]CSFastRunII - http://www.consiliumsoft.com
This desktop utility allows users to run applications, groups of applications or specific data files from a dropdown list that's integrated into the Windows taskbar.
Keywords: CSFastRunII; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; CSFastRunII
Downloads: 12
[software]Tray Commander - http://www.ardamax.com/info_tc.html
This launcher lets you run frequently used system commands directly from the tray. It adds a single icon to the system tray which, when clicked, displays a menu to which you can add commands. It can open and close your CD drives, reboot, shutdown your system, run your favorite applications, launch screen savers and set your video mode.
Keywords: Tray Commander; System and utilities; Interface; System tray; tray commander
Downloads: 75
[software]Apivision QTbar - http://qtbar.com/
This toolbar gives you single-click access to your local and Internet resources. You can access custom-defined Internet links and open every Web site in a new browser window. Open local folders, subfolders, favorite applications, documents and even send e-mail. All functions are performed with a single mouse click on the desktop tool bar. You can easily copy, move, compress, and decompress files using drag and drop...
Keywords: Apivision QTbar; System and utilities; Interface; Control panels
Downloads: 103
[software]DocSphere - http://www.ravitzit.com
This program helps you manage personal or corporate documents. The user can classify links and find needed documents, the system offers an events log, supports output to Excel, and includes a built-in option for document scanning to graphic files.
Keywords: DocSphere; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; DocSphere
Downloads: 56
[software]EzyWin - http://www.sayesoft.com.au/
This program allows you to customize your computer and includes managers which allow you to customize particular parts of your Windows Operating System. These managers are include the Start Menu Manager, XP Start Menu Manager, Start Button Manager, Right-click menu Manager, Icon Manager, Logos Manager and Logon Dialogs Manager.
Keywords: EzyWin; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; EzyWin
Downloads: 49
[software]MoodBook - http://www.argentuma.com/
This virtual desktop changes art expositions either automatically, at regular intervals or manually. Each exposition has either a tranquil, neutral or vivid background, with the art in the center.
Keywords: MoodBook; System and utilities; Interface; Virtual desktop; Mood Book
Downloads: 43
[software]CustomBar - http://www.lizardsoft.com
This always-on-top toolbar supports scripting, plug-ins and skinning. C++ plug-ins can be used to extend functionality. Features include Winamp controls, Web search, volume controls, shortcuts, a mini-notepad and system stats.
Keywords: CustomBar; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; CustomBar
Downloads: 37
[software]Taskbar Hide - http://www.eusing.com/
This program hides other applications by hotkey. You can also minimize programs to the system tray instead of an icon on your taskbar.
Keywords: Taskbar Hide; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Taskbar Hide
Downloads: 151
[software]Fresh UI - http://www.freshdevices.com
This is a tool for configuring and optimizing Windows. It lets you modify the hundreds of useful hidden settings in Windows XP/NT/2000/98/95/Me. You can customize Windows' User Interface (UI) and optimize the system settings and hardware settings. You can customize application settings and take control over the user environment with policies. This is organized by section for easy navigation and contains detailed descriptions for easy reference.
Keywords: Fresh UI; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Fresh UI
Downloads: 112
[software]System Cop - http://www.mahaonsoft.com/index.html
This program allows you to change hidden system settings and customize your operating system. You can also use this program to centralize access to your system settings.
Keywords: System Cop; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; System Cop
Downloads: 30
[software]goScreen - http://www.goscreen.info
This program makes it possible to organize applications the same way you organize files on hard disk--by placing application windows into different desktop folders or screen pages. It creates up to 40 virtual desktops on your single physical one. You can move applications between desktops, define application management rules, and change attributes of each desktop separately.
Keywords: goScreen; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; goScreen
Downloads: 36
[software]ManageDesk - http://www.managedesk.com
This desktop manager provides distinct work environments for various tasks. The taskbar shows only the applications open on the current virtual desktop, which reduces clutter. You can manage multiple virtual desktops from the Windows taskbar with ManageDesk and choose different backgrounds for different desktops.
Keywords: ManageDesk; System and utilities; Interface; Virtual desktop; ManageDesk
Downloads: 34
[software]WindowGhost - http://www.barefootinc.com/windowghost.htm
This program provides transparent window effects when moving or resizing windows. It also allows transparent menu effects.
Keywords: WindowGhost; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; WindowGhost
Downloads: 26
[software]EZiD - http://ezid.com
This program provides an automatic cascaded Windows manager, allows you to see thumbnails of all your Windows to find and select the active window and allows you to clear your Desktop to get at an icon.
Keywords: EZiD; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; EZiD
Downloads: 41
[software]XTracker - http://www.zocsoft.com
This allows you to relaunch your most recently visited folders and programs. You can track and change folders in the Open/Save dialog, and access your frequently used folders.
Keywords: XTracker; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; XTracker
Downloads: 27
[software]AnotherDesk - http://www.Lightthoughts.com/anotherdesk/
This tool creates multiple desktops. You can switch to a special desktop rather than looking for a certain program on a crowded desktop. For example, you can open all workgroup-related programs on one desktop, all of the documents for a special project on a second desktop and all Internet-related programs on a third desktop. You can switch between desktops by hotkey or tray icon.
Keywords: AnotherDesk; System and utilities; Interface; Virtual desktop; anotherdesk; another desk
Downloads: 98
[software]OverScope TrayLink - http://www.overscope.com
This start menu alternative utility can sort randomly scattered icons on your desktop, start programs at a specified time, and run all your programs, documents, various files, folders or web links from one menu provided by the TrayLink utility.
Keywords: OverScope TrayLink; System and utilities; Interface; System tray; OverScope TrayLink
Downloads: 30
[software]WindowSizer - http://www.windowsizer.com
Optimize your window layout by creating screen-filling multiple window arrangements. Compare two Web pages side by side. Launch saved sets of Web sites and applications with a double-click.
Keywords: WindowSizer; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; WindowSizer
Downloads: 40
[software]Open Expert - http://www.capio.cc
This program helps organize multiple programs using the same file extensions. It allows you to associate many programs with many extensions in Windows. Your settings in Open+ override Windows associations and won't allows programs to take over associations. It also lets you override the Windows default to set the specific program to open an associated file type. It allows you to create customizable categorized sets of associations you can quickly activate or deactivate, often categorized by task...
Keywords: Open Expert; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Open Expert
Downloads: 80
[software]MagicTweak - http://www.magictweak.com
This is tweaking software to optimize and personalize Windows' look, feel and performance. It makes it easy to adjust the hundreds hidden settings so there's no need to dig in the registry manually.
Keywords: MagicTweak; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; MagicTweak
Downloads: 90
[software]Screen Privacy - http://www.pictures-soft.com/screenprivacy.shtml
This program allows you to hide and restore windows by pressing a secret key. You can hide private windows or all windows, desktop icons, the taskbar and system tray, and stop Winamp. You can create lists of private applications, public applications and blacklists.
Keywords: Screen Privacy; System and utilities; Interface; Virtual desktop; Screen Privacy
Downloads: 28
[software]WindowTool - http://www.esat.kuleuven.ac.be/~mgregoir/WindowTool.htm
This utility allows you to designate a window to stay on top and change the transparency of any window. It offers X-Window style moving and resizing of windows, and allows you to set any window in keep-focus mode which prevents other windows from being activated. It also has an auto-manage function for automated settings.
Keywords: WindowTool; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; WindowTool; window; tool
Downloads: 33
[software]urVirtualDesktops - http://www.urbanresearch.com/urvirt
This program creates multiple desktops and leverages existing screen space. Desktops can be created to divide work areas, freeing your desktop and start bar of windows and processes.
Keywords: urVirtualDesktops; System and utilities; Interface; Virtual desktop; urVirtualDesktops
Downloads: 35
[software]TweakWindow - http://www.AbsoluteWay.com/TweakWindow/overview.htm
This window enhancement utility offers standard features such as hiding a window or making it topmost or transparent, and an option to change window icons or titles. It provides one-click window minimization to the system tray, and a rollup feature that rolls the window up or down, leaving only the title bar visible. Window ghosting is a feature that makes a window topmost and semi-transparent. All clicks will go through that window to the one located beneath, but the ghost window can still be c...
Keywords: TweakWindow; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; TweakWindow
Downloads: 102
[software]AltSwitch - http://www.ironbytes.com/altswitch/index.html
This is a replacement for the Windows Alt+Tab task switcher. It supports keyboard and mouse operations, and for each task, a small preview image is displayed. The size of the preview image is adjustable.
Keywords: AltSwitch; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; AltSwitch
Downloads: 48
[software]QuickFolders - http://www.bytegems.com
This program adds its menu options to standard Open and Save File dialogs. You will see a list of recently visited folders, opened or saved files, and favorite folders when you right-click any part of a dialog's title bar or you press the ALT+SPACE keys. This program supports IntelliMouseR Explorer-compatible mice and keyboard shortcuts. You also can make Open and Save File dialogs transparent.
Keywords: QuickFolders; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; QuickFolders
Downloads: 57
[software]mySB - http://www.sayesoft.com.au/mySB/
This program allows you to customize your computer's Start button with themes. You can change the up, hover and down images, and the tool tip "Click here to begin." Images can be animated, as well. A theme editor is included.
Keywords: mySB; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; mySB
Downloads: 70
[software]DeskCenter - http://www.decontis.com/deskcenter_en.html
This program lets you create and switch between up to 9 additional desktops on your Windows workstation. It contains a central Desktop Control Center running on the main desktop and decentral DeskJumpers on each Desktop created by the program, which let you switch between the desktops with a single mouse click or free configurable hotkeys. For each desktop separate settings can be pre-configured - from the screen resolution, color depth and monitor frequency up to programs, which shall be starte...
Keywords: DeskCenter; System and utilities; Interface; Virtual desktop; DeskCenter
Downloads: 53
[software]Desktop Folder - http://www.bramsing-develop.dk
This program lets you create a directory on the Desktop and in My Computer (like "My Documents").
Keywords: Desktop Folder; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Desktop Folder
Downloads: 49
[software]Menurites - http://www.johnsult.com
This program can automatically sort the Start menu or the Favorites. It starts automatically with Windows. It can be minimized to the System tray and automatically sort when new programs or bookmarks are added. Sub-folders are also sorted.
Keywords: Menurites; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Menurites
Downloads: 31
[software]Aston - http://www.astonshell.com/
This desktop manager fully replaces the standard Windows desktop and delivers a host of new features. It doesn't take up a lot of memory or use a lot of processer time.
Keywords: Aston; System and utilities; Interface; Virtual desktop; Aston
Downloads: 55
[software]Lovely Folders - http://www.lovelysoft.com
This utility replaces the standard folder icon for separate folders with any other icon. You also can replace the system-defined standard folder icon, set an info tip for folders, rebuild the system icon cache, and search for icons on your computer. In addition, there is a feature for generating "folder-look" icons.
Keywords: Lovely Folders; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; lovely folders
Downloads: 75
[software]ZoomOpen - http://www.barefootinc.com/zoomopen.htm
This program allows you to control how windows open and close using visual animated effects. You can select a zoom effect and whether you want the zooming to start in a specific area on your screen or from the position of your mouse cursor. You can also select a different effect when windows close, and choose animation speeds and other parameters to customize your desktop.
Keywords: ZoomOpen; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; ZoomOpen
Downloads: 44
[software]WinHvance - http://www.windows-hq.com/Download/index.cfm?id=1
Here are more than 170 tweaks to help you to improve your Windows 9x operating systems.
Keywords: WinHvance; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; winhvance; win hvance
Downloads: 44
[software]XP Edit - http://www.happychicken.org
This program helps you change and edit Windows XP features.
Keywords: XP Edit; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; XP Edit
Downloads: 208
[software]PC Tweaker - http://www.moveax.com/
This program allows you to automatically or manually tweak your system parameters. Each changed parameter can be rolled back to the previous settings, and successful changes can be saved for later use.
Keywords: PC Tweaker; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; PC Tweaker
Downloads: 44
[software]Get File Size - http://www.unhsolutions.com/GFS/
This Internet Explorer add-on allows you to determine the size of a file before downloading it. Just right-click the link to a file and select "Get File Size." The program will then display the size of the file and the date on which the file was last modified.
Keywords: Get File Size; System and utilities; Interface; Context menu; GetFileSize
Downloads: 56
[software]WinPersonalizer - http://www.holersoft.net
This integrated tool customizes your desktop wallpapers, icons, cursors, logon screens, IE skins, folders and taskbar transparency. You can also put your name in the system tray.
Keywords: WinPersonalizer; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; win personalizer
Downloads: 92
[software]E-Icons - http://www.deepgls.com/eicons
Customize your desktop, start menu, folder icons and drive icons with several built-in icon sets. It even offers links to several downloadable sets. Custom icons for any folder on your computer and design your own icon themes with the easy-to-use interface. Excellent help tutorials and additional support on the E-icon Web site makes using this tool a snap. You can even toggle between 4 and 24-bit colors...
Keywords: E-Icons; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; E Icons
Downloads: 123
[software]Favorite Shortcuts - http://www.contextmagic.com/favorite-shortcuts/
This quick-launch tool provides one-click access to a hierarchical list of favorite programs, documents and folders, as well as lists of recently used documents and folders. It is available as an additional sub-menu in the desktop context menu, in a folder background shortcut menu, in the Windows Explorer File menu and in the Internet Explorer Favorites menu.
Keywords: Favorite Shortcuts; System and utilities; Interface; Context menu; Favorite Shortcuts
Downloads: 46
[software]AutoDialogs - http://www.metaproducts.com/AD.html
This is a 32-bit program developed to provide access to folders you use most often. You can automatically insert pre-selected folders into your dialog boxes using a system tray menu or a pre-assigned hot key.
Keywords: AutoDialogs; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; AutoDialogs
Downloads: 39
[software]Montage - http://www.ideaxchg.com/montage/
This program saves and restores the state of applications running on your desktop, so you can reconstruct a complex, multi-windowed view with a click of the mouse. It saves time by eliminating the repetitive task of launching, positioning, and resizing applications individually, and it gives you a quick way to close a group of applications all at once. Its modular, portable achitecture lets you to create your own paperless office and take it on the road, or from one computer to another, incorpor...
Keywords: Montage; System and utilities; Interface; Shell enhancements; Montage
Downloads: 17
[software]DesktopPlus - http://www.desktopplus.com
Create up to 9 Virtual Desktops, divide your standard Windows desktop among them and individually organize, arrange and configure them. Each Virtual Desktop can have its own set of applications, desktop icons, color scheme, wallpaper, resolution and frequency. You can automatically start applications on individual desktops. You can switch between desktops with a single key combination, the toolbar or the tray icons.
Keywords: DesktopPlus; System and utilities; Interface; Virtual desktop; DesktopPlus
Downloads: 119
[software]FastFolders - http://www.desksoft.com
This system extension gives you access to folder contents and files. Without opening each and every folder, you can browse the directory structure, starting at any point, by clicking the right mouse button on a file, folder or drive. The program adds a menu item to the context menus of shell objects. The menu item displays the directory structure. If you drag and drop an object on a folder or drive using the right mouse button, you can copy or move the objects to any folder by selecting it from ...
Keywords: FastFolders; System and utilities; Interface; Context menu; fast; folders; fastfolders
Downloads: 96
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